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About What I Do

This is transformational psychology, which allows us to turn problems and negative experiences into ‘just information’. To say it another way, it is a protocol based approach which let’s us start with something bothering us, and leaves us in a place where we are de-identified with it, we are free from it, and we can move forward with ease and apply ourselves to what we want to do.


I call it Awake & Integrated.

Ya But How?

Guided simple protocol based approach

Simple prompts, Simple respones

No narrative or story needed

The shift, insight, enlightenment, release, healing, etc. belongs entirely to the participant, it is ones own direct experience and truth, the awaking belongs to them.

There is no system to adhere to, tools to buy, program to subscribe on, or person to believe in. You only need you.

I take you through a reliable process, you tell the truth about what comes up, you experience something incredibly important, we reflect on the trigger, you are free of it, you move on-

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